Who are we

There are many companies around the world that make accessories for sport wear.
Big brands, multi national companies, brands already present in the market since many years but how many of these companies are specialized in only accessories? How many of these take care of the minimum details? How many produce 100% of products in the same factory and how many 100% production made in Italy?

KEDRA-T was born to answers all these questions. It is a new reality that produces articles 100% MADE IN ITALY with the conviction that ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE in sport activities.

KEDRA-T has started to sell accessories in September 2016, but was born one year before. During this year, and thanks to a team of experts, KEDRA-T has not only created but TESTED all the articles that actually produces. In effect, all our articles are tested by professional athletes.
KEDRA-T has already ran more thousand of miles in bicycle, motorcycle, by air, over sky tracks and even climbed until 8000mt to be sure that anyone who uses KEDRA-T items will find the experience of any professional athlete.

One of the lever point of KEDRA-T is to have just one location in Italy to produce each article. Thanks to this is possible to customize our articles from the graphics to the sproduct tructure so we can match any particular need with NO MINIMUM QUANTITIES.

KEDRA-T uses only technical fabrics, certified, with resistant and adaptable to any need. KEDRA-T models for summer, winter, thermal, transpirant, wind and rain proof, antibacterial, with natural fibers, technical and micro fibers, UV rays protective, humidity control, high transpiration items and muscle compression.

KEDRA-T is specialized in multipurpose bandanas, neck covers, head band and ear covers, helmet liners, balaclavas, skullcap, beanie cap, masks and some other accessories.

KEDRA-T creates wearing accessories for many different sperts like motorcycle, bicycle in all different styles, running, fitness, sky, snowboard, trekking, climbing, skateboard, skydiving, go-kart, rally, softair, hunting, fishing and many more.