Seamless Helmet Liner punched Dryarn

Seamless Helmet Liner punched Dryarn


32,90 €

Helmet liner/Balaclava punched light protection, made completely with Dryarn polypropilene

. Seamless
. Punched
. Antibacterial
. Stain & Water proof
. Soft and light
. Perspirant and thermoregulating
. Classic model: Use open face or closed

Shipped in 24/48 hours



Helmet liner seamless and punched made entirely with high quality Dryarn.

Dryarn® is high performance fiber. It's a new yarn that gives comfort and technology to who wears it. Light, insulating, antibacterial, perspirant, Dryarn® is the best partner of an athlete sport performance.

Furthermore, the nose and mouth area is made with a wide net path extremely breathable that reduces to the minimum the foggy effect in goggles.

An unique product and is totally made in Italy

Ideal for motorcycle and bicycle riding

Composition: 95% Dryarn, 5% Elastomere